Harlem United Methodist Church
Friday, January 18, 2019

Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark is in Salindas Grandes, Nicaragua, near the Pacific Ocean. It is a Methodist Church of about 15 members, most of whom are salt mine workers (bagging the ocean salt after evaporation) or fishermen. The monthly offering for this church is about $40 US dollars. The pastor earns no salary and gathers scrap metal to feed his family. His house, beside the church, is four walls without a roof. The church building is made of sticks and black plastic strips, the same ones that are used in the salt flats where the water is channeled. They have one outhouse for the whole community. The church is located on a bumpy dirt road and the only decoration for the church is some red and white triangle flags (similar to a used car lot). Harlem UMC gave the congregation their first Bibles. Most of the people walk or hitch a ride on an ox-cart to worship. We hope to provide the funds for them to grow their church and build a better facility. Donations will be sent to a trust fund called Alcance' Nicaragua (offices in Norcross, GA and in Leon, Nicaragua). We will be the flagship that will invite other UMCs to join us in providing a minister's salary, new building, and a Sunday beans and rice feeding program to draw people to the church.  You are invited to donate to this endeavor if you are so led.